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2022-09-11 00:43:20 By : Ms. Vivian Ju

Here are the attachments, Perks, and Equipment you can equip to make the best Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle loadout in Warzone Pacific Season 5.

It took some time but the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle has finally risen to prominence in Warzone Pacific Season 5, so here are the attachments, Perks, and Equipment needed to craft the best loadout.

The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle made its way to Warzone during Pacific Season 1. For several seasons it remained on the periphery of the Warzone meta as it failed to dominate the Sniper category.

However, all that has changed in Season 5 following its standout use by pro players in the WSOW tournament. Several players utilized the Gorenko to much success, and it has now become an option you won’t want to ignore.

Here’s the best Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle loadout in Warzone Pacific Season 5.

The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle is naturally slow, so we’ll begin this Warzone loadout by equipping the 420mm Empress barrel and Leather Grip which will improve ADS speed. The Mercury Silencer will keep your shots hidden and improve your Sniper’s accuracy.

The 13mm AM 10 Round Mags are the largest mag capacity for the Gorenko and it’s important to have plenty of bullets when taking on squads in Warzone. FMJ Rounds will increase your bullet penetration, which is great for when you’re trying to shoot through objects.

The SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x is the ideal optic for the Gorenko and it will allow you to adjust the magnification based on your needs in any given situation. The Reinforced Stock will further improve the weapon’s accuracy, while the Bipod will help reduce recoil.

On-Hand will improve the Gorenko’s ADS speed to a greater extent and Focus will improve flinch resistance, making it easier to hit your shots when enemies are firing at you.

E.O.D will come in handy when facing enemy explosives. The extra resistance it will provide could allow you to survive long enough to take out your opponents. Overkill will allow you to pair the Gorenko with a Sniper support SMG like the Armaguerra 43.

Meanwhile, Amped will allow you to quickly swap between the Gorenko and your SMG, allowing you to be prepared for every type of encounter.

The Throwing Knife is perfect for finishing off downed enemies while preserving ammunition, and the Stim will provide a vital health and movement boost in tight situations.

Luckily for players looking to capitalize on the Gorenko’s newfound success, the Sniper has been available completely free since Season 4 Reloaded, after Activision removed the unlock requirement for the weapon.

The original unlock requirement for players tasked them with getting 10 single-shot eliminations with Sniper Rifles in 15 different completed matches.

The 3-Line Rifle is an excellent alternative to the Gorenko in Warzone for players who enjoy utilizing the game’s Sniper Rifles. You’ll definitely notice a difference between how nimble the 3-Line Rile is compared to the Gorenko, but it certainly packs less of a punch.

Otherwise, the HDR is a heavy Sniper Rifle that could feel similar to the Gorenko in Warzone Pacific Season 5, aside from the fact that the Gorenko is a semi-automatic Sniper.

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Sticks and Stones is a brand-new LTM being introduced to Warzone Pacific Season 5 following a playlist update, and here’s how it works.

Warzone Pacific Season 5 is delivering the brand-new Sticks and Stones LTM for players to enjoy. Here’s a breakdown of the new Warzone mode so you’re ready to hop right into the action.

The final season of Warzone before players turn to Warzone 2 is well underway. Warzone Pacific Season 5 has delivered plenty of content for players to sink their teeth into as they bid farewell to the iconic battle royale.

We’ve seen the Operation Last Call LTM debut in Season 5 and now yet another LTM has been added to the Warzone playlist. For a limited time, players can hop into Sticks and Stones to enjoy a melee-only battle royale mode.

Since the start of Season 5, Raven Software have been updating the Warzone playlist quite frequently as new modes cycle in and out of the active playlist, keeping things fresh. On September 9, Raven Tweeted their weekend playlist update for Warzone, which included the Sticks and Stones LTM.

For starters, Sticks and Stones is a Quads playlist at the moment that is taking place on Warzone’s Caldera map. The Sticks and Stones LTM restricts loot and loadouts to melee weapons and crossbows.

👊😎⚔️ A little melee surprise across Caldera this weekend! Drop into Sticks & Stones and throw some hands or use your favorite melee weapon!

At first glance, it seems strange to have this LTM take place on Caldera instead of Rebirth Island or Fortune’s Keep. However, Sticks and Stones is a Mini Royale mode, which means it will take place in a condensed area of Caldera.

Mini Royale is a smaller and faster-paced setting where fewer players will battle it out using melee weapons or crossbows in Sticks and Stones.

If you played any of the Call of Duty: Black Ops titles then Sticks and Stones may sound familiar to you as it was often a playable multiplayer mode.

Raven’s Tweet specifies “this weekend” as the time that Sticks and Stones will be available, so make sure you give it a try before it likely disappears.

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A brand-new Warzone experiences after Modern Warfare 2, so here’s what’s happening to the original Warzone when that happens.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 arrives later in 2022 as a completely separate experience from the original Warzone, being connected to Warzone 2 instead. But what does that mean for the original Warzone? Here’s everything we know.

Following the success of Black Ops 4’s Blackout and the battle royale genre as a whole, Infinity Ward launched Call of Duty: Warzone as an extension of Modern Warfare in March 2020. Warzone has since been integrated with both Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard since, but that’s soon coming to an end.

Modern Warfare 2 arrives on October 28, and it’s bringing a brand-new battle royale dubbed ‘Warzone 2.0,’ a sequel to the original Warzone and a completely separate experience. But what does that mean for Warzone Pacific after Season 5 concludes? Here’s a breakdown of everything we know.

Activision are still to clarify the extent of Warzone’s support after Warzone 2 releases, but they stated back in June that “today’s Warzone will continue as a separate experience that will include a continuation of player progression and inventories within that Warzone experience.”

So, even though Warzone 2.0 will be the main game, you’ll still be able to drop back into Caldera, Fortune’s Keep, and Rebirth Island with all of the weapons and Operators you’ve purchased and unlocked over the past three years.

Insider Tom Henderson said on September 9 that “it looks like original Warzone will continue to receive updates and DLC,” but there’s been nothing to officially confirm this yet.

It’d be rather confusing if there were two separate games called Warzone at the same time, and leaks have indicated that the original game will be called either “Warzone Legacy” or “Warzone Caldera” after Warzone 2 releases.

It looks like original Warzone will continue to receive updates/DLC. Warzone will be renamed to "Warzone Caldera" on November 28th.

Data miners found references to the game being called Warzone Legacy, but more recently, Tom Henderson reported that it’ll be called Warzone Caldera. Either way, it sounds like Warzone will be getting a name change, perhaps meaning that Warzone 2.0 will simply be called ‘Warzone.’

We should learn much more about Warzone 2 and the future of the original battle royale at the Call of Duty Next event which also shows off Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, reveals Warzone Mobile, and might even announce the heavily leaked DMZ mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is officially on the way, so here’s everything we know about whether it has cross-play and cross-progression.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is set to arrive later in 2022, and the devs have already teased Verdansk’s return. Cross-play and cross-progression have become an industry standard, so here’s everything we know about Warzone Mobile’s cross-play and cross-progression.

Following Call of Duty: Mobile‘s incredible success, it was no surprise to learn that Activision are bringing Warzone, their hit battle royale, to mobile devices. Aside from a short trailer teasing Verdansk’s return, not much is known about Warzone Mobile yet.

Warzone Mobile is expected to arrive after Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2‘s launch, so this has players wondering if mobile players will be playing alongside those on console and PC. Here’s everything we know about Warzone Mobile’s cross-play and cross-progression.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s highly unlikely that Warzone Mobile will feature cross-play with console and PC players. However, similar to most mobile games, we expect Warzone Mobile to feature cross-play between Android and iOS.

Not only would balancing mobile, console, and PC be a tough task, but Warzone Mobile is set to take place in Verdansk. With Warzone 2 bringing a brand-new map, the mobile and PC/console players should be on completely different maps and games.

It appears that Warzone Mobile will indeed have cross-progression, as the website link’s meta description said that the game will feature “authentic COD gameplay, shared progression, and up to 120 player count matches.”

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will feature "shared progression" (potentially with the console/PC game?) and 120 player lobbies, per the meta description of the website link.

As Warzone Mobile is expected to launch after Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, it will likely share its progression with these two games. What this would look like is anyone’s guess, but perhaps Warzone Mobile players will be using Modern Warfare 2 Operators and weapons on Verdansk.

We’ll learn much more about Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile at the Call of Duty: Next event, where content players will be playing Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer.

Sticks and Stones is a brand-new LTM being introduced to Warzone Pacific Season 5 following a playlist update, and here’s...

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