Destiny 2 Best Exotic Weapon Ornaments

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Exotic weapons can receive flashy and cool ornaments in Destiny 2. Here are the best ornaments players should invest in.

Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 spice up the game. Their unique and powerful perks and effects can completely change the way a meta works. Or, for those who simply enjoy playing the game differently and for fun, there are a number of Exotic weapons with fairly obscure and niche perks to help bring some variety into PVE and PVP.

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Gameplay aside, Exotic weapons also come with extremely cool designs, though some undoubtedly look better than others. Luckily, Bungie has given players the power the change the appearance of these Exotics, provided they have the ornament unlocked for it. Ornaments can be gained from Eververse Engrams or bought for Silver at the store. Some Exotic ornaments also appear in the weekly Bright Dust store, so players should save up their dust and check it out every Tuesday on reset. Here's which Exotic weapon ornaments are worth investing in the most in Destiny 2. Note that this list is purely for fun and highly subjective.

The One Thousand Voices may not be the DPS king it used to be in season 15, but it's still an impressive weapon by design. Players have a chance of getting this heavy fusion rifle by playing the Last Wish raid and opening the final chest at the end. Completing Queenswalk multiple times increases the chance of this weapon dropping.

In terms of appearance, however, One Thousand Voices is incredibly ugly, and that's probably the whole point. This is, after all, something made out of what are likely Ahamkara bones. As a result, the weapon is in dire need of some TLC, and this super elegant ornament called Scrimshander's Song is just perfect for that. It adds a level of white and blue to the weapon, with a golden scope. All of a sudden, the weapon looks a lot less scraggly than before, making this a great investment.

The Wish-Ender is a special Kinetic Exotic bow that can be acquired from Sjur-Eido by completing a few challenges and quests in the Shattered Throne dungeon. The Wish-Ender already looks quite impressive as it is, with truly incredibly detailing on its surface making it a true weapon straight out of the Dreaming City's treasure troves. Its specialty is providing True Sight when aiming down on it, as well as dealing more damage to Taken enemies.

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Those who want an even more royal appearance for their Wish-Ender can give this Author of Devastation ornament a try. It's a deep magenta-colored ornament with golden detailing that turns the bow into something that Mara Sov or Petra Venj could easily pull out in a Destiny 2 cutscene. Bows may not be that powerful as of now, and the Wish-Ender in particular is in a niche of its own, but players hoping to unlock the Cursebreaker title will have to get this bow in order to shoot all of Riven's hidden eggs around the Dreaming City.

Given that 180 hand cannons were recently buffed and Malfeasance is potentially back on the menu for Crucible enthusiasts, it's time to talk about this Exotic hand cannon once more. Malfeasance is known as the go-to Gambit weapon due to the innate damage boost it gets against Taken enemies and Gambit invaders. Players can shoot and stack slugs on enemies that will explode after enough have been shot, dealing damage. Plus, there's a bit of cool Drifter lore attached to this odd hand cannon that's worth a read.

It's only right that this weapon would get a Taken-themed ornament, called Aim to Misbehave, which first perfectly in its theme of a morally grey rogue guardian. For any Gambit enjoyers out there or even just fans of the Drifter, this ornament is easily the best to slap on the rogue guardian's favorite hand cannon. Malfeasance is only available through an Exotic quest from the Drifter, which requires a fair bit of Gambit grinding, so players should buckle up if they plan on getting this hand cannon.

Witherhoard has had a powerful position for a very long time in Destiny 2. With its catalyst, it becomes quite the powerhouse of a weapon and is a go-to choice for any PVE players looking to increase their ad-clearing capabilities. The blight that it shoots out is also a menace in the Crucible, which means it's easily one of the best and most versatile weapons in the game, one that even those who dislike grenade launchers should add to their collection.

Witherhoard in itself looks fine, but the Splendid Vidua ornament just makes this misery-inducing weapon nice and fancy to use. The gold and white details turn it from a wretched object into something beautiful and almost regal. Some players might find it a bit too fancy for their tastes, but given the raggedy default look of the grenade launcher, the Splendid Vidua ornament is just a nice, radical change of style.

Hawkmoon has been a popular Exotic hand cannon in the Crucible thanks to its damage capabilities with the Paracausal Shot buff and its high aim assistance. Shooting with this weapon is made incredibly easy, even for players who would normally struggle to aim with a hand cannon. As such, if there's one Exotic hand cannon every Destiny 2 player should get, it's definitely this one. Hawkmoon can be purchased from Xur every Friday, and the rotating perk is different every week, so make sure to check back regularly.

True to the theme of Hawkmoon, the On Ashen Wings ornament seems to be the best option. Its shiny black exterior makes it look simple yet clean, and those winged details just give it something truly special and interesting. No doubt inspired by Crow, whose Exotic mission this was once tied to, it's not an overly bright or crazy ornament, but still sleek enough to catch people's attention. In terms of style, it's a perfect choice for any cool, edgy Hunters.

Ornaments haven't always been known for just making things look nice. Sometimes, they can give the player a tactical advantage, which might be difficult for some people to believe. However, that stands true when it comes to the Dead Man's Tale, an Exotic scout rifle that has been quite oppressive in the Crucible and had its own Exotic mission in season 15 before being placed into Xur's stock. The perks rotate every week, so just like with the Hawkmoon hand cannon, players should check in regularly for their perk of choice.

The Dead Man's Revenge ornament changes the scope of the Dead Man's Tale in a way that some players might find it more pleasing to the eye or simply more accessible. It's a matter of preference, but given its popularity, it's safe to say there's some truth to this ornament somehow improving the weapon's usage in-game. Though the weapon isn't as popular of a choice as it used to be, its innate perk Cranial Spike gives the player increased damage and reload speed when chaining critical hits on targets.

Gjally's return to Destiny 2 was greatly anticipated and celebrated, even if it was locked within a paywall of a mini DLC. Gjallarhorn can be acquired through the Grasp of Avarice dungeon by picking up the quest first from Shaw Han. To this day, it's still a fantastic damage weapon. Wolfpack Rounds are pretty powerful, even with the recent nerfs it had endured which has reduced some of its use in both PVP and PVE.

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Gjallarhorn came with a few different ornaments, but those who like the nostalgia will enjoy Hraesveglur the most, as it just cleans up the look of the rocket launcher a little bit without completely changing its appearance. With some weapons, this is the preferred route, especially when there's a degree of nostalgia tied to them. This ornament gives Gjally a mix of white, gold, and black on its surface, which make it look surprisingly regal.

Thorn is a highly popular Exotic hand cannon in PVP, and it's easy to see why. Hits from this weapon will poison the target, which will prevent them from regenerating health passively. It's a real menace when combined with a shotgun, as a few hits from Thorn can force a target to retreat when weak, and encourage the shooter to push them and finish them off. Thorn can be purchased from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic kiosk in the Tower, for Glimmer, resources, and an Exotic cipher.

For such an iconic hand cannon, an iconic ornament is needed, and there's nothing better than For The King. This ornament gives the weapon a very unique appearance, clearly inspired by the Taken King Oryx and by Taken enemies in general. Its surface is also slightly animated, which just gives it even more character and detail. Players looking to make an impression and who love ornaments with animated patterns should invest in this one.

The highly elusive and rare Vex Mythoclast Exotic fusion rifle can be attained from the Vault of Glass raid after defeating Atheon at the end. Its drop rate is infamously low, and those lucky enough to get it should know that it's easily one of the best weapons in the game, even with the era of fusion rifle meta coming to an end. The Vex has two firing modes: auto and linear, the latter which needs to be charged up with kills and can then fire linear shots that deal extra damage.

The Vex's regular appearance has that classic brass, orange-y look that many Vex enemies have as well, and it's easy to get bored of it quickly. Luckily, the Vex does have one good ornament that makes it much cleaner and simpler, and almost less muddy in appearance. The Untold Tale ornament turns the weapon into a shining, silver chrome weapon that just looks classy. If there's one ornament that PVE Vex enjoyers should invest in, then it's without a doubt this one, as it revolutionizes the gun's traditional appearance.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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