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2021-12-14 13:27:42 By : Ms. Ling Liu

Save a lot of money on these 7 pieces of equipment, then hang your tag on one of them

Author: Outdoor Life Business Team | Published at 3:00 PM, November 23, 2021

Aldo Leopold, the godfather of wildlife ecology, warned us of the over-commercialization of the hunting industry decades ago. "Then there are gadgets, so-called sporting goods dealers," Leopold wrote. "He put countless gadgets on this American outdoor sportsman. All these gadgets help self-reliance, cold resistance, carpentry or marksmanship, but often serve as their substitutes. The gadgets are full of pockets and they The neck and belt hang down. Spills fill up the automatic suitcases and trailers. Every piece of outdoor equipment has become lighter and usually better, but the total weight has become tonnage."

Leupold's prediction is basically correct. No equipment can replace the skills or experience in Deer Forest. But then again, Leopold never had the opportunity to sit comfortably on a lightweight tree stand instead of shaking under the Gore-Tex suit and synthetic base layer.

The right equipment can make deer hunting more interesting. So instead of stuffing the deer hunters on the list with useless gadgets, buy them the equipment they really need—and save some money while doing so. This is our current guide to the best prices for deer hunting equipment. 

CenterPoint is a great value crossbow. In 2019, their Amped crossbow won a big buy award in our annual crossbow test. In addition to the wide-headed crossbow, the suit is also equipped with everything you need to start crossbow hunting out of the box.

This is the ultimate sock for deer hunters. These handy saws can chew branches quickly and easily, and fit any hunter's backpack.

Leupold is the ideal rifle scope for deer hunters. They are reliable, durable, and made of high-quality glass. If you are hunting in large woods, then a 1-6X24 mm VX-6 or if you are hunting in a combination of woods and fields, there is nothing better than 2-12X42 mm.

When you try to track blood in the dark, the woods will never be darker or lonely. In these cases, headlights—even very good headlights—cannot be cut at all. A convenient super bright flashlight like this is the only tool for this job.

This is one of the worst rangefinders on the market. It has a range of up to 1,000 yards and uses an application ballistic calculator that can be paired with a BDX cable oscilloscope. In other words, set up this rangefinder for your specific rifle and load, and it will eliminate the math problem of long-range shooting

Vortex Vipers have become the iconic hunting binoculars for large Western game hunters and deer hunters in the Midwest. You can't find a better deal than this. Buy a pair for your hunting partner, buy a pair for yourself.

Most tree stand accidents occur when climbing in or out of the stands. This kit can save the life of your hunting partner. This system allows you to be tied to a tree from the moment you leave the ground. Just clip your seat belt to the carabiner and slide the Prussian knot up as you climb. There should be one for each tree stand setting.

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